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Asphalt Maintenance is your single source company to call for any size asphalt project.   From small residential projects to large commercial projects- such as restaurants, shopping centers & mall parking lots.  We provide the quality workmanship that our customers demand.  We use the highest quality commercial grade, coal-tar based sealant and crack sealers available.

Seal Coating
Crack Sealing
New Installation
Pot Hole Repairs
Overlaying Line Striping
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Pavement Maintenance

Asphalt is designed to provide strength for high traffic and heavy loads.  It is made to be flexible- to contract and expand with the elements.  Over time these elements (heat, cold, rain, u/v rays and snow) cause the materials in the asphalt to break down and become brittle.

The sun causes the asphalt to lose its flexible properties - leaving it fragile and gray.  This oxidation leads to cracking and deterioration of the asphalt, unless it is protected.

When the surface appears gray, it's time to protect your asphalt investment with a commercial grade sealer.  A commercial grade sealer is the best protection available for your asphalt.  It helps to prevent oxidation and adds years of life to your pavement.

Asphalt cracks are best to repair as soon as they form.  Cracks allow water to get under the asphalt surface.  It can erode the base and freeze, which causes heaving.  These cracks will eventually become potholes.  By sealing the cracks now, you save money in the long run from costly repairs.

Asphalt Maintenance Solutions understands not only the aesthetic value of your parking lot/driveway, but also the insurance risk that comes with it being riddled with potholes, broken surfaces and cracked asphalt.
Repairing these pavement issues promptly can save you thousands of dollars in larger repairs, asphalt replacement and insurance claims.

For Your Convenience We Offer a Variety of Payment Solutions:         Check or Cash
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